Is Ceramic Cookware Safe? Revealing The Truth

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Due to recent headlines regarding the safety questions with Teflon coated non-stick cookware, consumers are anxious. Like every other viral problem, the media got the solution for this problem as well. They are suggesting Ceramic cookware as a safer alternative to other non-stick cookware. But still, the question remains – is Ceramic cookware safe for real?

We’ll have at least one Ceramic flower pot in our beloved balcony or garden. Who knew this Ceramic material would become the rival of all other non-stick cookware? To clarify, the frying pan we’ll be using won’t be like the flower pot. Instead, it will be a metallic pot covered with Ceramic coating for added longevity.

In this article, I’ll be explaining why everybody is recommending Ceramic coated cookware & is it worth the hype. Later on, you’ll know how to use Ceramic coated cookware safely for a more extended period. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Ceramic Cookware & Ceramic-Coated Cookware: Are They The Same?

Before starting this article, I want you to know Ceramic cookware & Ceramic coated cookware aren’t the same. Does that mean Ceramic coated cookware is bad? No, All loved both Ceramic & Ceramic coated cookware for a lot of reasons – not just for the non-stick feature.

Ceramic cookware is made entirely using only Ceramic. Whereas the building material of Ceramic coated cookware is aluminum or steel. If you want 0% of metal substances, then you should go for Ceramic cookware. However, it’s not possible if you’re trying to get a frying pan & you shouldn’t freak out as it’s completely normal. We, the general consumer, refer to ‘Ceramic coated cookware’ as ‘Ceramic cookware’ due to laziness.

Is Ceramic Cookware Safe? – Facts & Truth 

Is Ceramic Cookware Safe
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Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic cookware is 100% safe as it is made of inorganic material that doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals or metal.

On the other hand, Ceramic coated cookware is a metallic frying pan covered with Ceramic coating that is also safer than other existing non-stick pan on the market.

Sel-gen Ceramic coating is an outstanding substance for kitchenware like the frying pan. Now your cookware won’t release toxic material even after the Ceramic coating is peeling off. However, I recommend stopping using any cookware set if the layer starts to peel.

Besides being a safer Teflon alternative, it has some other praiseworthy traits too. Here are they:   

Cleaning Is Just A Matter Of Wiping

Ceramic coated cookware produces oil while cooking. This oil prevents users from using unhealthy non-stick spray on the surface. For this reason, food doesn’t stick & sometimes you don’t even need to wash your pan – wipe the remaining food out.

The Heat Resistance: Combination Of Curse & Blessing

Heat resistance means your cookware won’t absorb as much heat as it should be like other cookware. For this reason, Ceramic coated cookware can tolerate heat up to 842 Fahrenheit, which is 400 Fahrenheit higher than Teflon coated cookware. This heat resistance causes problems like cooking food takes a longer time & it isn’t enjoyable to some users. 

Cheaper Than Stainless Steel Non-Stick Cookware

If you’ve ever bought non-stick cookware, you’ll know Teflon coated cookware is the cheapest. Due to the health concerns around Teflon, I can’t recommend Teflon coated non-stick cookware. Instead, you can use Ceramic-coated non-stick cookware as it’s cheaper than stainless non-stick cookware but slightly expensive than Teflon coated cookware.

Remains Safe Even After The Coating Peeling Off

No matter how good the coating of non-stick cookware is, it will degrade over time. The same thing happens with Ceramic coated non-stick cookware too. But the difference between other material cookware relies on the after-effect of coating peeling off. Unlike other non-stick cookware sets, Ceramic coated cookware doesn’t produce harmful chemicals after the Ceramic coating starts to peel off. However, I recommend stop using that cookware set if you’re concerned about health.

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Ceramic Cookware: A Guide To Keep Them Safe & Healthy

Questions like – if Ceramic cookware safe to use introduces more questions regarding the safety, durability & usability of that non-stick cookware. Though I’ve already marked Ceramic & Ceramic coated cookware safe to use, you shouldn’t use them roughly.

Try to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines while using any non-stick cookware. What if there is no guideline at all? I insist you to read the article thoroughly. In this segment, you’ll find a detailed list of do’s & don’ts when it comes to Ceramic coated cookware (pans & pots).   

Don’t Use Ceramic Cookware Back-To-Back

Ceramic cookware is highly heat resistant. For this reason, it takes time to heat evenly in every cooking session. Even though Ceramic & Ceramic coating makes the cookware heat resistant, it makes it vulnerable to another aspect of cooking.

We tend to store food in the refrigerator, keeping it in the cookware, which is not good at all. If you store your food at refrigerator using this cookware sets, it may not harm your cookware but you will need more time to heat up unless put it on the stove just after bringing out of the refrigerator. The ceramic coating may break instantly due to massive force if you do so. 

Wash Them Regularly Avoiding Dishwasher 

Washing Ceramic cookware regularly eliminates the need for deep washing which is more tiring & time-consuming than simple cleaning. If you wash your cookware regularly, you’re keeping them safe from bacteria produced from waste food too.

Don’t show laziness using dishwashers when it comes to Ceramic coated cookware. You’ll badly harm the non-porous surface if you use the dishwasher. Use dishwasher soap with non-scratch scrubbers or cloth to clean your Ceramic coated cookware regularly.

Little Oil Can Be A Big Help To Sol-Gel

The non-porous surface will weaken overtime & the non-stick properties will degrade. This self-destructive nature is typical & there’s nothing you can do to pause the process entirely. What you can do is slowing-down the process. Though marketers advertise Ceramic coated cookware telling you to cook without using unhealthy non-stick spray & oil, you shouldn’t fall for it.

Yes, you can indeed cook without using any kinds of oil or spray because the cookware itself leach oil while cooking For this reason, you should use a minimal amount of oil to keep your cookware usable for a more extended period. By usability, I meant the fully functional non-stick feature.

Avoid Storing Your Food In The Cookware 

If you regularly store food in the cookware, be sure you’ll have to do deep washing frequently. Food will get hardened if you keep it for an extended period. Therefore the surface will attract grease, which is by no means good for the cookware. If you’re already doing this crucial act toward your pan, stop right away.

Let’s assume you’ve been storing your food in the cookware ever since the beginning. As the food gets stuck in the cookware, you’ll have to clean the Ceramic glaze thoroughly with something sharp, which is very risky. You can deep wash your cookware if you want to be in the safe zone. Why should you take these headaches if you can avoid storing your food in the cookware in the first place? 

Beware Of Over-Heating Your Cookware

We’ll know Ceramic coated cookware is safe to use & very heat resistant. This feature allows the user to cook food at maximum temperature without sticking it to the cookware surface. Though the cookware can tolerate much heat, there’s always a limit of heat you can deploy.

Overheating will cause the coating to peel off rapidly. It’s like you’re boosting the degrading process by overheating the cookware. If you’re unlucky enough, you may even notice crack & flacks in the non-porous Ceramic surface due to overheating. Keeping these warnings in mind, you should avoid practicing this act. 

Be Mindful Handling Your Ceramic Cookware – Don’t Drop it!

Ceramic cookware might be safe to use when it comes to health, but the durability isn’t that impressive. Ceramic cookware tends to be heavier than others. For this heavyweight, they are vulnerable to accidental drops. If you’re unmindful of handling your kitchen utensils, you’re sure to drop & break the Ceramic cookware.

when you will use a Ceramic coated metallic pans or pots, you should have to be very cautious handling your cookware. Metallic cookware will develop cracks & bend if you drop them. Again, the Ceramic coating is a form of clay material & badly vulnerable to drops even from a medium height.

Deep Washing Ceramic Cookware: A Step By Guide 

As I’ve mentioned ‘deep washing/cleaning’ several times in this article, I felt liable to tell you the proper way of deep washing a Ceramic coated cookware. Let me clarify the need for deep washing again – Do this type of washing if your non-stick cookware is very dirty & burned at some point. Follow these steps below to make your Ceramic coated cookware look like new:

Step 1

Fill your Ceramic-coated non-stick pan with water & pour some liquid soap in it.

Step 2

Place your frying pan on the stove & set the temperature at medium setting

Step 3

Keep the pan on the stove for 5miniutes.

Step 4

Finally, take a wooden or plastic brush to rinse the surface, keeping the pan on the stove.

This process might be tiring, but it is definitely worth the time & energy you invest. Please note that this washing method won’t be efficient if you’re cleaning burnt off food instead of burnt off non-stick cookware surface.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ 

What Is Ceramic Coated Cookware? 

Ceramic coated cookware is like other metallic cookware, but the difference relies on the coating material. This coating material is called Ceramic – a 100% natural substance of nature. Compared to the popular Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene (PTFE) which comes from fossil fuel & causes environmental damages, Ceramic coated cookware is the opposite as it’s made of entirely natural substances.

How Safe Is It?

Ceramic coated cookware is safer compared to Teflon (PTFE) coated cookware. Though peeled Teflon particles were very harmful to human health, Ceramic coating isn’t harmful at all. The ceramic coating doesn’t produce any toxic substance even if the coating is peeling off. Keeping these factors in mind, I can say Ceramic cookware is a relatively safer option compared to Teflon coated or other non-stick cookware.

What About The Heat Resistance Of A Ceramic Cookware? 

One of the specialties of Ceramic cookware is the resistance to heat. It means your cookware won’t heat evenly in a short period like other stainless steel cookware. This trait has both advantages & disadvantages. Your food won’t stick to the surface even if you’re overheating. Sadly, it will take more time than usual cooking in Ceramic cookware due to the heat resistance.

Is There Any Way To Extend The Life Of A Ceramic Coated Non-Stick Pan?

The ceramic-coated non-stick pan is covered with something called Sol-gel. Simply saying, it’s a self-destructive solution that produces oil every time you use the pan. This oil prevents food from sticking to the pan surface, thus, makes the cookware ‘non-stick’. However, this sol-gel coating degrades overtime & causes less non-stickiness. To extend the life of a Ceramic non-stick pan, you should use a little amount of oil while cooking.  

Should You Buy Ceramic Coated Cookware?

The answer depends on many factors. If you want something safer than Teflon coated non-stick cookware, then you should buy Ceramic coated cookware. Again, Ceramic cookware tends to have low-heating issues. That means they will take time to heat evenly, which will cause slow cooking progress. However, it’s a good thing as your food won’t stick to the surface. If you’re okay with these factors, then you should buy Ceramic coated cookware.


Now you have answers to questions like – is Ceramic cookware safe to use & other related queries. I hope this article was helpful enough in making you decide whether you should buy Ceramic coated cookware or not. 

Though Ceramic cookware is entirely safe, Ceramic coated cookware can be risky in certain conditions like overheating. If you go through this article thoroughly, you won’t have any confusion regarding Ceramic & Ceramic coated cookware.

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