Café Du Chateau French Press Review – Good Enough!

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A perfect French press coffee can make you relax and laser focus on your work. But heading towards a nearby coffee shop to have a cup of coffee is very time-consuming.

Also, making free-hand coffee may not give constant taste every time as you’re not an expert.

However, a French press coffee maker can solve all of your problems regarding taste & time wastage.

I’ve been using several French press coffee makers over the past three years of my Barista job.

I had the privilege to use & test very high-end French press coffee makers in these three years. But from a budget (under $80) and quality perspective, I loved Café Du Chateau French Press the most.

After the following buyer’s guide (for newbie buyers), I’ll share my view & thought on this coffee maker, including simplified pros & cons in the ending.

Café Du Chateau French Press Review
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Buyer’s Guide: Things You Should Double-Check While Buying

A French press coffee maker is a simple gadget that can brew incredible coffee within minutes. I have some knowledge to share regarding a coffee maker to choose the best deal possible.

Though I will recommend Café Du Chateau French Press, the following key features will help you find an even great coffee maker if there’s any.

French Press Material: Glass, Steel & Plastic

You’ll find different French press coffee makers made of several materials like Glass, Steel & Plastic.

It solely depends on you what kind of coffee maker you want. But my recommendation will be with steel made coffee makers for various reasons.

Durability is one of the key selling aspects of steel made coffee makers. It will ensure your coffee maker’s safety even if you drop it accidentally.

One the other hand, the glass will break no matter how strong it is. Again, the plastic coffee maker will leave an unwanted plastic taste.

In summary, choose the coffee maker made of strong steel like stainless steel.

Your Preferred Size: Mid & Large Quantity Coffee Maker

Now that you know you’re going to buy a steel made coffee maker.

What about the size?

Well, if you’re single and live alone – there’s no point in purchasing a 34oz coffee maker. But if your friends visit you daily, you can make that purchase without any doubt.

Otherwise, stick to a 12oz coffee maker that costs less than $15.

One the other hand, if you’re living with family, then it’s an ideal decision to buy a large quantity (34 oz) coffee maker like Café Du Chateau.

It may cost you more (around $75) than a 12oz coffee maker, but you’ll enjoy coffee with your whole family at once.

Filter Type & Level Count 

Numerous brands are making French press coffee makers with two to four-level filtrations.Even the filter type varies from brands to brands regarding the price range.

I would recommend buying a coffee maker that comes with a four-level stainless steel filtration system.

You’ll be sure of not having ground coffee remnants in your coffee mug with that filtration level.

However, it may cost slightly less if you buy a coffee maker with three layers of filter. That will work too, but the quality will be lesser than a four-layer filtration coffee maker.

Café Du Chateau French Press Coffee Maker – Features & Comprehensive Review

Café Du Chateau French Press
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I loved this coffee maker as it satisfied my expectations. I bet this coffee maker will meet all of your expectations too.

Follow this review to decide whether you should buy this Café Du Chateau French Press coffee maker or not.

Aesthetic Design & Sturdy Stainless Steel Build 

This French press coffee maker features a 304-grade stainless steel body & thick borosilicate glass carafe.

The stainless steel provides resilient shine & rust protection. Also, thick borosilicate glass is enough heat resistant to withstand boiling water.

The total capacity of the carafe is 1litre or 34 ounces. This capacity is enough to brew 8 cups of coffee of 4 ounces each.

Drink with confidence as the materials are %100 BPA free. Don’t worry if you’re new to French press coffee; this coffee maker comes with a simple brewing guide to make excellent coffee.

Besides these specs & facilities, this coffee maker looks great and will give your house an aesthetic touch.

4 Level Filtration System: Helps With Constant Perfect Taste 

The filtration system does the heavy lifting job making an excellent mind refreshing coffee. You surely don’t want to have ground coffee remnants in your cup as it ruins the taste entirety.

This coffee maker comes with a 4 level filtration system to ensure the perfect French press coffee taste. 

The lid seals tightly, which allows the filtration system to function excellently. I got to enjoy full-body flavour & strong coffee because of its four layers filtration system.

All these components are easily detachable and help with easy cleaning and maintenance.

Grippy Handle: Stays Cool & Ensures Safety 

Handle plays a vital role while serving coffee. A slippery handle can call danger any time you pour your beloved coffee.

Fortunately, this French press coffee maker features a cool-touch handle that is comfortable holding & serving coffee even if it’s full.

This coffee maker features a 4 level filtration system & lifetime guarantee. Enjoy the taste of perfect coffee with this aesthetic stainless steel coffee maker. 

This shiny handle enhances the overall beauty along with making it a durable coffee maker. Feel confident every time you pour coffee with this coffee maker and let the coffee refresh your soul & mind with every sip.

Headache-Free Cleaning: 100% Dishwasher Safe 

Every component of this coffee maker is dishwasher safe. Generally, dishwasher tolerance proves the quality of our kitchen equipment.

The general rule of thumb – if it’s dishwasher safe, then it’s undoubtedly made of quality materials.

Just disassemble this coffee maker and place it in your dishwasher. Your coffee maker will be prepared for brewing another litre (if needed) of perfect coffee.

Another plus point of this coffee maker is the lifetime guarantee. In case your coffee maker gets hurt by a dishwasher, you can get another replacement instantly.

Besides, Cuisinart DCC-3200 is also a similar and GREAT coffee maker!

Another plus point of this coffee maker is the lifetime guarantee. In case your coffee maker gets hurt by a dishwasher, you can get another replacement instantly.

• Comes With Rust & Heat Resistant Materials – Stainless Steel & Thick Borosilicate Glass
• Capable Of Brewing 1 litre At Once
• Elegant & Shiny Looks Gives Premium Feel
• Satisfactory Handle Helps With Great Grip & Serving
• 4 Level Filtration System Brews The Perfect Coffee
• Coffee Doesn’t Stay Hot For a Long Time
• Top Of The Handle Is A Bit Sharp


That was all about the Café Du Chateau French Press coffee maker. From a price perspective, it’s a great coffee maker to consider buying.

I’ve used this coffee maker for a couple of months, and my experience was entirely satisfactory.

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