Top 10 Best Super-automatic Espresso Machine Review in 2020 – with Buyers Guide

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Super-automatic espresso machines have brought a turn-around in the coffee industry. Unlike before, when the user had to go through intense training before using the tool, the super-automatic espresso machines have significantly reduced the need for that training.

They are much recommended to people with busy-schedules or a beginner in espresso making. These tools have come in to simplify the procedure of making espresso.

But how will you identify the best super-automatic espresso machine 2020? What about their operations? With this article at your disposal, all those questions will be settled. Apart from that, it lists the top-rated automatic espresso machines for a more straightforward search process.

Best Super-automatic Espresso Machine Review
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What is a super-automatic espresso machine?

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Simply, a super-automatic espresso machine is a tool that can ultimately make the espresso with less user involvement. Due to their complete automation, they can automatically grind the coffee and receive the type of drink settings automatically.

Further, some of the automatic espresso makers are likely to have an automated shut system. This system is activated after a few minutes or hours of inactivity.

What is the difference between the super-automatic from semi-automatic espresso machines?

Let me start by highlighting that their differences narrow down to the level of user involvement. For instance, some semi-automatic espresso machines will need the coffee beans to be ground earlier, while the other will grind the coffee beans freshly.

Primarily, a super-automatic espresso machine has less user involvement. 

Why do you require a super-automatic espresso machine?

Espresso machines are equipped to deliver the needed pressure to make a tasty espresso. But why do you specifically require an automated espresso machine? 

Primarily is because of its way of construction. First, unlike other espresso machines, it comes with an integrated grinder. As a result, it cuts the cost of having the coffee beans ground earlier. Home Espresso’s are more convenient than Automatic Expresso, right?

Still, most of these tools have an automatic shutdown system. Thus it reduces the level of user involvement and even less power consumption.

But even before that, do you value the importance of the espresso? Is the machine with your money? To prove that, here are some of the health benefits of drinking espresso;

  • Espresso, which is a product of coffee, is scientifically proven to boost mental performance.
  • It contains magnesium and potassium, which helps in regulating the body sugar levels.
  • Helps in burning the excess calories
  • Lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Contains antioxidants which are handy in protecting the body
  • Helps in brightening the mood
  • Offers protection against liver cirrhosis
  • Reduces the risk of getting diabetes II
  • Protects the Alzheimer’s disease
  • A particular study indicates that coffee drinkers have a stronger DNA

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Super Automated Espresso Machine

With a simple glance, it will be impossible to identify the best super-automatic espresso machines. For a fact, there are more such tools in the market, and you may be left wondering which you should purchase.

To avoid such dilemmas, which may result in time wastage, you should check on a detailed buyers guide. This section is the fruit of decades of dealing with espresso machines. Read through it and be assured of quickly getting the best tool. By the way, do you know how to make Espresso at home?


The most critical feature in an espresso machine is the pressure which is measured in bars. Have you ever tasted an espresso that has a bitter taste? That was as a result of poor extraction.

How do extraction and pressure relate? Let first explain what extraction in espresso making is. When the brewing water gets to the filter basket, it should remove the most significant possible amount of coffee flavours before flowing out in a process known as extraction.

The extraction powers which determine the taste are affected by the available amount of pressure. Consequently, high forced pressure will, in return, give a creamy sweet-tasting espresso.

The best super-automatic espresso machines have a pressure.


Additionally, the capacity of the espresso machine should be considered? Why is it important? Imagine while making espresso for a larger group of people; to be honest, if you have a lower capacity tank, then you will have to keep repeating the process. What is the solution?

You should always check the capacity of the tank, which is usually rated in ounces. The best super-automatic espresso machines have a tank capacity of over 40 ounces. As a result, they can make at least 5 cups of coffee. 

Removable or fixed tank

The espresso machine tank can be fixed or removable. For amateurs, a removable tank is much recommended. Why? That is because of their ease when cleaning. 

Also, if you are tired of guesswork while filling the brewing water, a removable tank makes it easier to see the water level while filling.

However, for the exceedingly skilled individuals, even a fixed tank will be ideal. 

Dual or single boiler

For a dual boiler espresso machine, it has two boilers, one for heating the brewing water and another for boiling the water used for steaming milk. In contrast, the latter has a single boiler. As a result, the brewing and steaming water are heated in alternating sessions due to their difference in temperature.

Dual boiler machines are known to be faster than the single boiler machines. Also, most people argue that they produce better-tasting coffee.

However, single boiler espresso machines are preferred due to their high level of consistency and do not require a cooling flush.  


The design of an espresso machine entails its surface area and the weight. Why is that important? That is because of the storage space and portability. A heavyweight machine will bring issues while transporting. 

Still, a large-sized machine will take ample space while storing, which might not be practical, especially in a home kitchen. Consequently, you should consider an espresso machine that has a compact design for portability and effortless storage. 

How to choose the right machines for your needs?

What might be my perfect espresso machine might not be your choice. Why is it so? That is because espresso machines incorporate varied settings and functionalities. 

Further, we are likely to be facing different predicaments, such as the number of machine users. So how will you identify your right choice of the espresso machine? Precisely that is what this section seeks to answer. Without more ado, let’s get started.

Drink settings

Most of the best super-automatic espresso machines may have other functionalities such as coffee, cappuccino, and latte maker. Thus if you are a great fan of all those drinks, it is recommendable to check on the available drinks settings.

Also, while purchasing an espresso for a home, it will be selfish to limit the functionality to your taste only. Ideally, get a tool with mixed drink functionalities to meet the other family members’ expectations.

Single or dual serving?

An espresso machine can have a dual or a single shot serving system. How do you need yours to be? Here are some hints; if you purchase a personal machine, even a single shot serving system will work. However, if there are likely to have many users, you should consider a double shot serving machine.

Restaurant or home use?

Where will the machine be used? For a restaurant case, things get a little bit tougher. First, it should have a large capacity and a minimum pressure of 10 bars. Also, in this case, the design might not be an issue.

However, for home usage, design and portability is a real concern. That is to ensure small space storage and make it comfortable while placing or removing from the shelves.

What next?

After having a picture of the ideal espresso machine, the next step is to start the search process. You can ask for referrals from friends, visit the nearby stores, or use the online stores. The good thing is that there are multiple good espresso machines. 

However, while looking for the best espresso machine also put the account of its price. The fact is that you do not require a considerable budget to get a high functioning tool. Am I kidding? Truthfully I am not; there are good espresso machines that cost less than $100. Mind you; those machines are fully automatic. If you doubt my words check on the buyer’s guide section. 

How to operate an espresso machine?

The good thing about super-automatic espresso machines is that they require less user involvement. In fact, even without any prior skill, you can still operate this machine. How do you manage this machine? Let’s find out.

Step 1: Assemble the needed equipments

While operating any machine, you should ensure that all the required types of equipment are in the working area. This helps in saving time and still avoiding unnecessary power consumption while picking the other item.

You should have water, coffee, beans, cups, and the power source in our case.

Step 2: Pour water into the reservoir and the coffee beans into the grinder

After checking you got the needed materials, it is time now to start the brewing process. First, fill in the reservoir with clean water. Later place the coffee beans into the grinder.

Verify that you got brewing water and coffee beans in place and then power on the power source. 

Step 4: Place cup under the brewing head

To avoid making messes, you should place the cup under the espresso machine header at the beginning of the brewing process.

Step 5: Clean the machine.

Leaving the espresso machine dirty is likely to cause descaling. Or even worse, it may give the next brewing an unpleasant taste. Correspondingly, it is advisable to have the machine cleaned after every brewing process. 

Our Top 10 best super-automatic espresso Machine Reviews 

With the confidence that you can now operate an espresso maker safely, I don’t think anything can make you unable to get one. Most people are likely to worry about the cost of the espresso.

The good thing is that we considered it. In this review, we will categorize the espressos according to their price, low, medium, and high budget espressos. 

Low budget (below $60)

Are you a firm believer that functionality depends on cost?

Then these items will prove you wrong. They are under $ 50 espressos but yet deliver the most delicious drinks alongside straightforward operations.

10. Bonvivo inteca espresso maker

Our first item to review is from the Bonvivo store. It is not only elegantly constructed but also equipped with the highest level of functionality.

Stainless steel construction

Frankly, I am yet to see such a safe and sturdy construction in an espresso maker. Why? First, it has stainless steel. With that, rusting is not a bother.

 But what astonishes me more is the chrome finish. That says a permanent goodbye to wear, not to say it makes it more beautiful.

Fast speed espresso maker

Its fast speed operation is among the factors that qualify it to be the best super-automatic espresso machine for homeowners. How does it promise that admirable feature? We can credit it to the simple and few operations. 

You just have to fill in water with the coffee beans and leave it to boil. How many seconds will that take? Honestly, less than 3 minutes if all the needed requirements are ready.

Further, this espresso can make up to 6 standard kitchen cups in a single shot. Consequently, for a mid-sized home, it will be a perfect machine for them.

The top reason why this item wins is its quality construction and easy to use. It has a quite long-lasting structure that does not give the coffee any metallic taste. Also, being a fully automatic machine promises smoother operations. 

Elegant design

Did I just say that this machine is perfect for every kitchen? Yes, I did, and yet here is another reason. It has a silver and chrome finishing; thus, saying it is only beautiful might be an understatement. 

Still, it is compact, which makes storage and usage occupy less space. Lastly, it is a lightweight machine. As a result, it can be transported without any strains. 

• Very simple to use
• Fantastic valves that preserve the flavours
• Makes up to 6 cups in a single round
• A beautifully designed espresso maker
• Affordable and yet high-level functionality
• The handle gets hot, hence not safe for handling
• Does not come with a warranty

09. Mr. Coffee automatic dual espresso and cappuccino maker

Mr. Coffee automatic dual espresso and cappuccino maker
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Mr. Coffee’s brand is not a new name to the coffee addicts. Talk of its exceptionally performing coffee and espresso makers, which are backed up by a durable construction.

This is one of their items that go a notch higher to not only incorporate that functionality level but also at a fair price. More surprising, this item comes with a limited warranty. Without any doubt, the warranty acts as confidence in their well-functioning item. You will find a detailed review of this Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker ar YourEKitchen.

15- Bar pump system

The pressure is what is needed to make espresso. High forced pressure increases the extraction power of the espresso. Consequently, it delivers a tasty espresso.

Do you need such an espresso for a creamy dark drink? This machine has a 15-bar pressure to offer precisely that. Hence, despite its low price, it promises a flavour-filled drink.

Dual shot espresso maker

This dual capability is favourite to most of this machine user. Before we go that deep, imagine having an espresso that fills two cups simultaneously? It seems dreamlike, right? 

To our shock, that is a reality; it is a double shot that has two filling taps. Resultantly, you can fill two cups simultaneously. 

Milk frother

Besides giving you a tasty espresso, the Mr. Coffee espresso maker has a milk frother. Consequently, it is also excellent in making latte and cappuccino. Yet, its milk frother also delivers an exquisite performance for a delicious cappuccino and latte. 

Lengthy cord

When dealing with an electric machine, it is essential to check on its cord. Does it promise safety? Will it limit the working space? As a matter of fact, a short cord will limit or else make the operations un-comfy.

Luckily, this fantastic espresso maker has quite a lengthy cord. Thus, it offers a free choice in the working space. Further, it has quite sturdy and safe insulation to keep the user safe from electric shock.

Huge capacity

Before I check on the tank’s capacity, let me start by saying that filling it is more comfortable than ever, just because it is removable.

Besides, its affordability and the limited warranty, this item tops when it comes to delivering a dark and rich espresso.

Checking the capacity, it can accommodate up to 40 oz. Subsequently, it is the best super-automatic espresso machine that is easy to fill alongside a vast capacity.

• It is a dual shot espresso maker
• Has a milk frother
• Its tank is removable for accuracy when filling
• Delivers perfect tasting espresso, latte, and cappuccino
• A thermal heating system for fast water heating
• The port filter needs improvement to avoid leakage after a while
• Cannot be operated at a voltage beyond 220

08. Espresso machine 3.5 bar 4 cup espresso maker

Espresso machine 3.5 bar 4 cup espresso maker
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Additionally, this item from the sowetech brand explicitly defines how a delivering espresso maker should look like. Talk of its flavour conservation, colossal capacity, fast operations and much more 

Maximum extraction

What defines the tasty bit of espresso, coffee, cappuccino, and latte is the extraction power. When the water is draining from the basket filter in the port filter, it should have maximum pressure to extract maximum flavours from the coffee beans.

With that said, note that this machine is constructed exactly for that. It has a high level of forced pressure from the valves. Consequently, even beginners will deliver a creamy dark espresso just like a pro. 

Removable drip tray

Another thing about this espresso maker is a fantastic drip tray. It is removable, which makes it less messy when removing the filled cup. Even better, its removable capability is quite handy when cleaning the machine. Consequently, it is not only easy to use but also to maintain.

3-in-1 machine

Picture purchasing an affordable cost which has two more extra functionalities? Honestly, that will be a high level of cost-saving. Good enough, at the cost of a single machine with this espresso maker you will enjoy two more functionalities

It has an elegant working milk frother. As a result, the cappuccino and latte will just be delicious, like the espresso. 

Switch controls

After saying that this is an espresso, latte, and cappuccino maker, you are likely to think of the troubles of switching these functionalities. Relax! The manufacturer took into consideration such care.

Correspondingly, this machine uses switch controls. The knob is marked with the different functionalities, and with a simple turning, the machine will give you the drink you require. 

Alongside the accurate temperature controls, it uses switch controls, which makes its operations effortless. Still, it has a compact design, which makes it occupy less space and is lightweight for transportability, especially when camping.

A kitchen design

Are you debating if this machine is fit for your kitchen? Then know it got everything to make it your favourite espresso maker. First, the biggest problem in most kitchens is storage. To solve that, it has a compact design to occupy a smaller space.

Nevertheless, for a heavy espresso maker, it might be troublesome when removing it from the shelves? Brilliantly, this is the best super-automatic espresso machine that is super light for portability.

Lastly, this machine has an undoubtedly strong steel construction. To even give assurance of your doubts, this machine comes with a limited warranty.

• Knob controls which are quite simple
• Super light for portability
• Occupies small storage space
• It produces a creamy dark espresso
• Not only affordable but also with three more functionalities
• Its timer does not deliver the needed functionality
• Sometimes it may produce a plastic smell

Medium budget espresso machines

This category contains the best super-automatic espresso machines that cost under $350. In addition to this mid-range price, they offer unbeatable functionalities with longevity.

07. De’Longhi EC15515 espresso and cappuccino maker

De'Longhi EC155 15 Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker
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The DeLonghi espresso has all that is needed to deliver not only maximum extraction but also the simplest operations. It promotes the accurate filling of water and non-messy cup filling. You will find a detailed review of this machine, here.

15-bar pressure

Do you know what makes it impossible to make coffee without an espresso machine? It is due to the lack of forced pressure. Further, what brings the tasty difference in espressos from different machines is the pressure difference. 

That gives a reason why the manufacturers placed their cards well in the pressure. This tool is rated to be among the espresso machines that deliver optimal strength due to its 15 bar pressure.

Consequently, with the De’Longhi espresso machine, you will say goodbye to a bitter-tasting espresso and welcome a creamy flavour-filled espresso.

Removable tank

Additionally, the tank of this espresso maker comes in to stop the guesswork. Why? That is chiefly because it is removable. Hence, you can see the water level clearly while filling

Also, this detachable design becomes handy when cleaning. Thus, if maintenance is your greatest issue, then consider it sorted.

Apart from that, the tank is constructed to withstand cracks. It is of a reinforced plastic material that is known to be quite robust. 

Sleek design

The structure of this tool is a true expression of an elegant construction. I am not exaggerating. This is it; it has a sleek design which equips it with a small footprint for small space occupation while using or storing.

Further, its body is not only of durable material but also has an eye-pleasing finishing. Thus besides its unbeatable performance, it will not compromise the kitchen décor.

Its flexibility wins for most people. That is because of its single and double brewing alongside the adjustable pressure. Better, its filter has a 3-in-1 design. Resultantly, it allows for a wide range of preferences.

Optimal temperature

In most of the espresso machines, you cannot brew more than one cup continuously. Why is it so? That is because of the fluctuation in temperature.

Fair enough, this machine brings in a difference; it maintains the optimal temperature at all times. Consequently, you can brew more than one cup continuously.

• Removable tray and tank for ease in cleaning
• The tank design promotes accurate filling
• It can brew more than one cup continuously
• Delivers authentic, tasty espresso, cappuccino, and latte
• Space-saving design
• It cannot be operated at a voltage beyond 120volts
• A plastic construction which may compromise the longevity

06. Nespresso vertuoplus coffee and espresso maker

Nespresso vertuoplus coffee and espresso maker
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This machine is for fans of not only espresso but also coffee, cappuccino, and latte. It incorporates some of the brilliant technology to ensure it delivers the most authentic taste. Nespresso is doing such a great job with their Espresso Machines nowadays!

Centrifusion extraction technology

Have you ever drank a bitter-tasting espresso, coffee, cappuccino, or latte? And probably went further to blame the coffee beans or else the chef’s skills. Unfortunately, the problem had nothing to do with those guesses.

 It points to the extraction capability of the machine. A powerfully extracting coffee, espresso, cappuccino, or latte maker delivers a tasty drink.

As a result, the manufacturer of this machine went a step further to incorporate centrifusion technology. This type of crafting offers maximum spinning, which delivers a creamy sweet-tasting drink.

Long-living construction

It would be disappointing to enjoy such a high functionality for only a few days. Correspondingly, the crafting of this espresso maker takes into account the longevity promising features

Its body is of aluminium construction.

Hence, it is safe amid rough handling. Further, the tank is of reinforced material for safety while cleaning.

The main reason why this item is recommendable mainly because of the centrifugation technology. This type of crafting guarantees maximum extraction for a flavor conserving machine. Addedly, this machine comes with a limited one year warranty.

Removable and huge tank capacity

Frankly, filling a fixed tank is quite troublesome, especially to the amateurs. That is because you can’t view the water level.

Luckily, the tank of this machine is removable.Therefore, you can be sure of accurate water filling. Still, this detachable design makes the cleaning process more comfortable than you could expect.

Addedly, if you need to brew large amounts of espresso, coffee cappuccino, and latte, this machine will meet your expectations. That is due to the huge tank capacity of 60 oz. In fact, it can brew up to 5 cups in a single brewing.

• Conserves the flavors
• A huge tank capacity
• The tank design ensures accurate filling
• Quite simple to clean
• The operations are straightforward
• Slightly heavy design

05. Mr. Coffee espresso and cappuccino maker

Mr. Coffee espresso and cappuccino maker
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Nevertheless, the Mr. Coffee automatic espresso maker is a highly recommendable tool. It consists of brilliant crafting that equips it with eccentric valves. Besides, its body is quite elegant and of solid materials for longevity.

Removable reservoirs

A removable tank makes it quite easy to clean the machine. For that reason, the tank of this machine is removable. Besides the assurance of easy cleaning, it will be quite easy to fill the tool. 

Even further, the milk reservoir is also removable.

Consequently, you can count it effortless to fill and have the right amount of milk for frothing. 

Lengthy cord

Do you know a power cord can make it troublesome using an espresso machine? How? Imagine a short cord that cannot even reach the working area effectively? You can agree that it will be quite strenuous to use.

On the brighter side, this best super-automatic espresso machine has a power cord of 26 inches. Thus it will allow flexibility in the working space. 

Automatic milk frother

In addition to the milk reservoir being removable, it is also automatic. Hence, that requires less user involvement, which makes the machine less tiresome. 

To top up, the machine reservoir is dishwasher compatible. Therefore, it clears all the cleaning problems. 

15 bar pressure

Moreover, this machine’s construction ensures it can conserve the flavours and produce a creamy dark espresso. That is possible because of the 15 bar pressure, which results in maximum extraction in the filter basket.

One of the matchless things about this tool is the control panel. It is super wide to enable you to select various brewing methods easily. Still, it is a 3-in-1 machine that can make espresso, cappuccino, and latte. 

Durable and elegant body

The body of this espresso machine has a pleasing eye finish, which results in an elegant appearance. Further, it is of a solid material that is not prone to cracking. Thus, you may consider it to last longer.

• Conserves the flavours
• A 3-in-1 machine
• The milk and tank reservoirs are removable
• Its parts are dishwasher compatible
• A solid body for longevity
• Its screws need an improvement to match the level of the other parts

High budget best espresso machines of 2020

The items listed in this category have high functionality and last for longer without leakages or need for descaling. They all have a huge capacity hence perfect for restaurant owners. The good thing is that their construction is worth the money.

04. Phillips 3200 series fully automatic espresso machine

Phillips 3200 series fully automatic espresso machine
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Additionally, this tool is recommendable to restaurants or café owners. That is due to its huge capacity, elegant construction, and effortless operations. Despite this high functionality, the manufacturer offers a limited warranty. 

Intuitive touch controls

Imagine waking up to operate a troublesome espresso machine. Frankly, that is not an excellent way to start your morning. For that reason, this machine has a full control panel that you operate by only touching it. Consequently, it has quite straightforward operations.

Aquaclean filter

This is a machine that ensures maximum use of the coffee beans, which leads to quite minimal wastage. It incorporates an aqua clean filter that changes upon the machine request. Consequently, it reduces the descaling frequency.

100% ceramic grinders

Have you ever tasted espresso that has a metallic taste? Then you can attest how demoralizing that can be. The metallic taste is a result of the grinders.

How does this machine avoid that? It has 100% ceramic grinders that are not prone to scratches. Hence the grinder is always hard to produce a pure-tasting espresso. 

12-step grinder adjustment

How do you like your coffee beans ground? Fine coarse or at a mid-size? The good news is this best super-automatic espresso machine that will let you enjoy any size of coffee beans.

It has a 12-step adjustable grinder.

Hence you can choose any size for the coffee beans. However, the finer is the bean; the more effective is the extraction.

What’s most exceptional about this machine is that it can make over 500 cups without the need for descaling

Easy to clean

The tank of this highly recommendable machine is removable. It even fits in most standard sinks for ease when cleaning.

Besides that, most of this machine can be cleaned with a dishwasher. With that, you can consider the maintenance of this tool quite easy. 

• Quite simple to clean
• The grinder has adjustable settings
• A large control panel which is quite easy to operate
• Brews over 5000 cups without need for descaling
• A ceramic construction which makes it long-lasting
• Does not come with a warranty

03. ESAM3300 Magnifica super-automatic espresso and coffee maker

ESAM3300 Magnifica super-automatic espresso and coffee maker
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How about having a machine that makes delicious espresso and coffee, cappuccino, and a latte? That would be amazing, right? That is why I recommend the esam3300 automatic espresso maker.


The construction of this tool construction ensures that you have a good morning. That is by incorporating customizable settings. This handy feature ensures that you do not have to reset it every time it is being used.  

Easy to use menu setting

Further, it is the best automatic espresso machine that even a beginner will brew like a pro. That is possible not only because of its powerful extraction capabilities but also an easy to use menu setting.

Consequently, even without any expertise, you can operate it. Even better, being an automatic machine, it is highly responsive to detect the change in settings quickly. 

Powerful extractions

With this machine, you can be assured of a creamy and tasty espresso every time. That is possible for the mere fact that this machine has potent extractions. It has quite powerful valves which lead to high forced pressure, which guarantee this level of extraction of flavours

Besides its 4-in-1 nature, it is constructed to deliver the finest ground coffee beans, which results in a larger surface area for better extraction.

Stress-free maintenance

Nevertheless, this machine promises effortless maintenance. It has a compact design for portability and small-space storage. Further, when it comes to cleaning, it is simpler than never before. Its entire brew unit is easily removable for fast and stress-free cleaning.

• A perfect grinding system
• Removable brewing unit for ease when cleaning
• It comes with a warranty
• Conserves the flavors
• Maintains optimal temperature for consistency
• It requires frequent descaling.

02. De’Longhi ECAM22110SB compact automatic espresso machine

De'Longhi ECAM22110SB compact automatic espresso machine
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To be honest, I guess this machine has all it takes to be worth your hard-earned money. It comes with a wide range of settings to allow you to have your espresso just as you wish. Even better, it has a milk frother for cappuccino and latte making


The good thing about this machine is that you do not have to keep repeating the settings. Once set, it keeps the details and recalls later when needed. That makes it quite time-saving and also less training for the beginners.

3-in-1 machine

Additionally, this tool has a milk frother. As if that’s not enough, it can brew espresso, cappuccino, and latte. Also, the milk frother works excellently, just like the espresso system. 

An integrated adjustable burr grinder

With this machine, there is a guarantee of fresh espresso every time. Why? It has an integrated burr grinder for fresh coffee beans every time.

But what is more amazing about the burr grinder is its adjustability. What do I mean? It has up to 13 settings that allow you to set the preferred grinding size. 

What wins for us about this machine is the rapid cappuccino espresso system, which maintains an optimal temperature. Resultantly, you got the freedom of brewing cup after cup continuously.

Removable brew unit

I am not a fan of cleaning the espresso machines. Especially if the tank is fixed either, no one can afford to stay with a dirty machine. So what is the solution?

The only way out is having a removable brew unit, such as this excellent automatic espresso machine. Thus, you can consider the cleaning procedure quite simplified. Also, this brewing unit becomes handy in avoiding guesswork when filling the tank or the milk reservoir.

• Easy to use menu setting
• Produces a creamy, dark rich espresso
• Has a milk frother for cappuccino and latte making
• Quite simple to clean
• The grinding system is adjustable
• It is quite heavy

01. Breville the barista express espresso machine, BES870XL

Breville the barista express espresso machine, BES870XL
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The construction of this item from the Breville manufacturer has everything needed to qualify as the best super-automatic espresso machine? What do I mean? This is it, starting from the grinder to the moment you get the espresso to your cup; the machine will need very minimal user intervention. Do you want to know why? Keep reading

Dose controlled grinding

To begin, this exceptional performing espresso machine has an adjustable integrated conical burr grinder. How is that of your benefit? It allows the user to choose the grinding size of the coffee beans. 

Even what makes it better is the grind dial. With such a dial, you can be assured of an easy time while setting the grinding size.

PID temperature system

Optimal temperatures are needed, especially when you need a continuous brewing espresso machine. Unfortunately, an averagely constructed espresso machine can’t promise that.

On the brighter side, the Breville barista machine has a PID system that maintains and controls the optimal temperature. As a result, it is the best espresso machine that delivers cup after cup instantly. 

Huge capacity

The key determinants of the espresso machine capacity are the hopper and tank capacity. Most of the manufacturers only avail of a large capacity tank leaving the hoper.

But with the Breville brand, it avails not only a large capacity tank but also the hoper. Its tank has a capacity of 67 ounces while the hopper capacity is 1/2lb. Thus it is quite handy in a situation where large amounts of creamy and sweet tasting espresso are needed.

15-bar pressure

As highlighted in the buyer’s guide section, the amount of the espresso machine’s pressure hugely affects the espresso flavour. And definitely who needs a bitter-tasting espresso?

For that reason, this machine has a high forced pressure of 15 bars. Consequently, it is not a surprise when it delivers the sweetest cappuccino, latte, and espresso.  

The key reason why this machine is recommendable is its hands-free operation. It grinds directly to the port filter with a highly powerful grinding system.

Hands-free operation

I think the construction of the Breville barista automatic espresso is the epitome of what a super-automatic machine should look like. What causes that kind of thinking is its hands-free operations.

It has a grinding cradle that makes the burr grinder grin directly to the port filter. Hence, it does not require any user involvement while grinding. 

• PID temperature control which results in perfect extractions
• Due to the high bar pressure, it gives viscous, creamy espresso
• The micro-foam system produces high-quality cappuccino and latte
• Its dose-controlled grinding gives fine size coffee beans
• Huge hopper and tank capacity
• Quite noisy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A step farther, this section contains most of the issues that trouble the espresso and coffee addicts. Go through it to learn more about this indispensable tool. 

How long does it take for an automatic espresso machine to heat up?

Most of the automatic espresso machines will take at least 5 to 10 minutes to heat up. However, some manufacturers are going a step further to incorporate a thermal system that results in faster heating of water. Espresso machines with a thermal system will take less than 4 minutes to heat the water.

How easy is it to operate an automatic espresso machine in the morning?

Honestly, the ease in operating an espresso machine will vary with the machine construction. Though while using the best super-automatic espresso machines, you can be guaranteed of less time-consuming operations.

That is because they take less time to heat the water as well they have a high rating of RPM, which increases the spinning speed for faster results. 

What is a heat exchanger in an automatic espresso machine?

A heat exchanger functioning is almost of a single boiler. It is highly recommended due to its less energy consumption and has fast recovery times for continuous brewing. 

This system works by heating the water from the reservoir to partly water and steam. The steam moves to the steam boiler while the water goes directly to the brewer.

You should consider this system if you are a fan of milk-based drinks.

What is the lifespan of an automatic espresso machine?

Espresso machines can last more than 15 years or even less than a month. Is it contradicting? This is the thing; a machine that has an industry level crafting will last longer. That includes a sturdy body, high pressure, and a well-crafted base that is not prone to leakages after a while.

On the other hand, a flimsily constructed espresso machine will fail you earlier than expected. What should you consider to get the best super-automatic espresso machine with a huge lifespan? Go through the buyer’s section to get that answered.

Are super-automatic espresso machines worth it?

Preparing espresso or coffee might be tiring after a while, especially with a time-consuming machine. Worse, some machines will take ages to heat if not waiting forever before they power on.

Those predicaments can be escaped only with a super-automatic machine. Why? That is because most of the automatic machines will power instantly and are likely to shut down automatically. Even better, they take the shortest time to heat the brewing water.

Final Words

The first step of ensuring that your espresso machine will last longer is operating it safely. It should be cleaned after every brewing to avoid the chances of descaling. However, a sturdily constructed body like the Breville barista espresso maker will ensure it lasts longer.

Further, the key thing while purchasing an espresso maker is pressure. That is because it determines the extraction capabilities, which, in return, affect the taste of the espresso. What are other factors should you consider? That is answered in the buyer’s guide section. 

What is the best super-automatic espresso machine? How do you even identify or operate it? This article answers all those troublesome questions and more in-depth discussions needed to make the correct decisions on an espresso maker.

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