The Best Home Espresso Machine 2020 – The Ultimate Guide

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Espresso machines work by application of forced pressure to produce the creamy concentrated drink referred to as espresso.

Do you want to know how this machine achieves that? Keep reading!

Standardly, the water starts from its sources and gets filed into the tank. However, for more massive consumptions such as companies or larger restaurants, there is always a water reservoir for that purpose.

For the water to pass through the finely ground coffee, it needs a high pressure. That is to increase its extractions powers for tasty drinks. The electric or steam-driven pumps serve the purpose of producing the required amount of pressure.

Later the water leaves the boiler in which actual brewing takes place. The boiler holds and heats the pressurized water. Due to the drastic change in temperature without proper control, this stage might mess with the taste.

Hence most boilers have a Proportional-integral-derivative controller or the digital temperature control to keep the brew at the right temperature.

Lastly, the coffee gets into the group head. On this step, the hot pressurized water comes into contact with the coffee puck, which is held by the filter basket. Later the mixture leaves via a channel ready to be served.

Best Home Espresso Machine
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What are the different types of espresso machines?

Espresso machines can be classified according to their mode of operation or according to their source of power.

On the mode of operation, we have automatic, semi-automatic, and super-automatic machines.

On the other hand, according to the source of energy, we have steam-driven, electric and manual machines.

Automatic Espresso Machines

For the beginners and greatly involved individuals, an automatic espresso serves them well. It reduces the learning process by doing most work for you. However, the coffee beans still need to be ground earlier.

Most people prefer it due to its authentic taste and high level of consistency. However, this machine usually requires a lot of maintenance.

Semi-automatic Espresso Machines

It is nick-named as a hands-on machine due to the high need for user involvement; this involves putting it on and off.

Usually, it requires the coffee beans ground prior and manually kept in the port filter.

It has temperature calibrations, which also rely on the user setting. Resultantly, it will give you the most authentic taste at the expense of your energy.

However, if you are a beginner, it isn’t really recommendable due to the strain in mastering its operations

Super-automatic Espresso Machines

If you can’t afford to have the coffee ground earlier, then you should look for a fully automatic espresso machine.

However, it does not only grind the coffee but also draws the water and cleans itself.

Doubting if you read, right? Yes, you did, and that is not all.

To top it off, it provides fast speed, making it useful in a time-sensitive environment such as restaurants. Though these machines are usually expensive.

Manual espresso machines

This type of device is recommendable mostly for camping or office use.

As the name suggests, they neither use electric power nor batteries. Addedly, they have less time-consuming operations hence the fast speed.

Lastly, these espresso machines are usually of lightweight and compact size for portability.

Electric espresso machines

Additionally there are electric power-driven espresso machines. They are common to many homes and restaurants.

When should we consider this type of machine?

First things first, ensure that you get electricity in your kitchen.

Also, they are more recommendable when making vast amounts of espressos.

Though when purchasing these machines, you should consider a lengthy power cord. With that, you are not limited to the working area.

Further, the compatibility of its current to the socket’s current is also crucial.

Steam-driven Espresso Machines

Steam-driven Espresso machine usually works by steam pressure to brew the espresso.It is one of the early espresso category.

How to buy the right espresso machine?

Honestly, without the right guidance, purchasing espresso machines is likely to be challenging.

Which capacity do you need?

What about budget limitations? That gives a sturdy reason why this part is a must-read.

Or are you ready for a bitter-tasting coffee, not forgetting huge budgets for a defective item?

No more delays, let’s get into the critical matter for the best home espresso machine.


The design of the espresso machine encompasses a lot of things.

To begin is its weight, whose choice depends on the place of use of this tool. For instance, an office carrying device needs to be lightweight for transportability.

However, for restaurants and kitchen use, any size of the espresso will do. Better, most of the machines with a higher capacity are likely to be heavy.

Secondly is the surface area of the tool, is it full or narrow? Small-sized devices are perfect for camping or traveling with.

Also, if you have limited working space, then a mini-size espresso will be perfect.

However, when there are likely to be minimal transportations, a large-sized machine will work. They are exceedingly recommendable due to their larger capacity.

Lastly, does the design promise longevity? As a matter of fact, weak construction will waste faster than you expect. Hence, it should be of a solid body, preferably free from corrosions.

Port filter

Due to the simple nature of a port filter, most people are likely to overlook its importance.

Do you want to know what they risk?

Flimsy ports filter risks wasting the flavors and also may limit the amount of coffee ground at a single shot.

What is an espresso port filter?

It refers to the part that holds the ground coffee before and during the brewing process. Usually, it consists of a handle and filter basket which allows water with the flavors to flow out.

Consequently, a port filter basket needs to have quite thin holes only to let water pass. Otherwise, you are likely to have the coffee beans inside the drink, not withholding poor extractions.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning some of these tools is likely to be strenuous. Not to say, some of them are not compatible with a dishwasher.

Now, which is the right way to go?

To begin with, a removable tank is easier to clean. Not to say the even filling water is more accessible.

However, other containers are fixed, but the body is likely to be transparent for better viewing when filling.

When it comes to maintenance, things get tougher.

Firstly, while purchasing, ensure that it has a sturdy material that will guarantee longevity. Even better, it should be non-corrosive. However, the user should be careful while handling it to avoid cracking.

Also, if it is electric powered, ensure that the voltage drawn is compatible with the socket. Lastly, never leave this machine power on, especially when not using.


If you compromise on any other factor, let it not be the capacity, especially for big home use. What determines the capacity of an espresso maker?

How to buy the right espresso machine?
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It is the hopper and the tank. Hoper is the upper part in which you fill the coffee beans.

While on the hand, the tank holds the water. Consequently, for a big capacity, the hopper should be of more substantial size as well as the tank.

In most cases, a tank of over 50 ounces is highly recommendable.

Single or double boiler

Do you require a single or double-shot espresso maker?

But what do even these two terms refer to?

Relax; I will explain everything clearly to ensure you are in the right position of making the correct decision.

Let’s start!

Water needed for espresso machines serves two purposes. It is used for espresso-making and steaming the wand. As a result, the devices have the steaming going on while brewing. That is precisely what brings the issue of a single or a double boiler.

For a single boiler case, the steaming and brewing mode will take place at different times. That is because it has a single water source, while these modes require different temperatures.

Should you purchase a single boiler espresso?

Here are the advantages of such tools to help you make an informed choice. They have a high level of consistency, less complicated operations, and do not require a cooling flush.However, all that is at the expense of more extended brewing periods.

On the other hand, dual espresso brewing and steaming modes co-occur. Consequently, unlike the single boiler case, they don’t have to wait for the water to either cool or heat before switching to the steaming mode. As a result, they are time-saving. This makes them highly recommendable for hotel use.


Imagine having a machine that cuts off the cost of coffee making, espresso, and latte machines? What do I mean?

This is the catch; some of the espresso machines have multiple functionalities. For instance, it can make espresso as well as coffee, cappuccino, and latte. Such tools are likely to have a milk frother.

Thus it is more recommendable to get such a tool that will let you enjoy all the drinks.


Some of the espresso-making tools grind the coffee, while others require it to be ground earlier. All that breaks down to the presence or absence of a grinder. This component is purposely for availing tiny coffee beans.

Strictly speaking, on the construction of the espresso maker, this part is optional.

Hence it can be included or not. Consequently, if you need the espresso tool to grind the coffee beans, it must be included in its constructions.


Lastly, is the budget of the machine. Luckily you can get a fantastically working espresso maker at less than $100. Thus affordability is not a problem.

So what about this factor?

The problem comes with the level of functionality. Honestly, some of the standard tools are likely to cost cheaper. Hence, the first step is to check on the workability of the tool.

Would you get a tool that produces bitter coffee at the expense of the budget?

Then by doing that, it wouldn’t serve the purpose. Thus as long as you need a cheap item, also check on its functionality.

 Check on the review of the 10 best home espresso machine 2020, to get a well-working espresso machine which is less than $100.

After 20+ hours of best espresso machine Research

01. Sowetech 3.5 bar espresso machine
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After learning how to choose the best home espresso machine, now it’s time to put the knowledge into practice, luckily you are not alone in that.

Do you need an affordable espresso maker?

What of a straightforward machine that will be easier to operate?

Almost forgetting the coffee addicts who need their favorite drink even in camps or at the offices.

To make it simpler, we will categorize this review based on those considerations. Later are the most exquisite and top-rated machines with their brands.

On the Basis of Cost Considerations

This category contains budget-friendly tools. It starts with a low budget, mid-range, and high budget machines. Mark you, all of them conserve the tasty bit of coffee.

10. Classic stovetop espresso maker- (low-budget )

10. Classic stovetop espresso maker- (low-budget )
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It is a familiar story for the high-quality products to cost hugely. Either it isn’t advisable to purchase a flimsy product at the expense of the budget. Why? Doing more often than not turns out to be expensive in the long run. However, I got good news for you.

The first item to appear on our list from the classic manufacturers brings a difference.

Its affordability and yet a high functionality leaves most of its users in a shock. Point of fact, it is ranked as the best espresso machine that is under $100.

Fantastic pressure valve

The pressure valve is quite a critical part of an espresso machine.

It affects the extraction of the caffeine, not to say even the flavor of your coffee is dependent on the valves.

On the bright side, the classic stovetop espresso machine has quite exquisite valves.Consequently, it has maximum caffeine extraction, and even the flavors are fantastic.

Aluminum body

Espresso machines are likely to rust and waste faster, especially with rough handling. For that reason, a sturdy body is exceedingly recommendable for durability purposes.

Luckily the manufacturer of this machine played a genius on that concern. The body is of an aluminum material that is much trusted to be long-lasting.

Safety promising handle

Imagine having a handle, which will burn your hands. Worse, it can be slippery, which may cause accidents.

Got a frown on the beautiful face? No need because the handle of this machine is different.

It has a thick rubberizing, which ensures the handling of the machine is safe. But what makes it distinctive is the free from heat transmission, which will keep your hands free from hurting.

An easy pouring lid knob

Thinking of the mess that you may cause while pouring the espresso into another container, then you need an expert-crafted lid knob like this tool.

It is super excellent by ensuring that you do not cause any mess while transferring the contents.

Easy to clean

If your most significant concern about the espresso machine is cleansing, then this machine is likely to impress you.

It is on a non-stick surface, and do you know what? The cleaning procedure of this machine is quite simple.

You only have to pour clean water then leave the parts at an upright position to dry. Yes, you do not require any soap.

Super light

Are you a coffee addict, and you are planning to travel soon?

You don’t have to abstain from your favorite drink due to the lack of an espresso machine. This item is constructed with a compact design and of lightweight to fit in your bag easily.

Addedly, due to its cheap cost, you can quickly get it.

• A non-messy valve
• It is not prone to corrosion
• Simple to clean
• Easy to carry when traveling
• A very affordable machine
• Maintains the coffee flavors
• It cannot be washed with a dishwasher

09. Mr. Coffee café barista espresso and coffee maker- mid-budget

09. Mr. Coffee café barista espresso and coffee maker- mid-budget
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However, if you are working at a mid-range budget, an exquisite espresso maker under $200 might be perfect for you.

Why do I recommend this item?

First are its fantastic design and functionality. But it’s multifunctioning design wins for me.

It is not only an espresso maker but also a cappuccino maker.

How is the construction of this machine?

Does it maintain the coffee taste?

But more importantly, how does it function?

Don’t be troubled by anything; below are the in-depth details about its crafting and workability. But before that is a quick review of why you should consider this item.

As earlier indicated, it is not only affordable but with perfect functioning. Its bar system gives a tasty espresso. But more importantly, it has an easy to control panel and a removable tank for cleaning purposes.


How about having a machine that you don’t have to be there to put it off?

Fantastic, you bet.

This barista coffee maker is constructed to shut off automatically after pouring out the contents. But more surprising, it automatically froths milk for the cappuccino lovers.

15-bar pump system

This fantastic system gives a solid reason why you should consider this item. But hang on for a second I reveal the cause.

Would you like a machine that does not release the flavors of your espresso, cappuccino, or latte? I guess not.

Remarkably, this 15-bar pump system helps to maintain the rich-taste of your drink. Hence, a guarantee of the tastiest drink.

Multi-purpose machine

What of a machine that will help in saving the cost of purchasing another item.

What do I mean?

This item from Mr.Coffee’s brand is a 3-in-1. It can be used not only for espresso-making but also for cappuccino and latte fans.

Consequently, due to this versatility, it is highly recommendable to the homeowners.

Or are you a fan of all those three drinks? Then at the cost of a single machine, you will get them.

An easy control panel

Beyond that, this item is focused on ensuring your safety. It has a user-friendly control panel that needs no expertise to control.

 Do you want to know how to control it?

You only press the knobs for the type of drink that you require. You can either choose a single or a double shot. As simple as that.  

Lengthy cord

Espresso makers are usually electrically powered. Hence, having a short power cord is likely to limit your working space. Needless to say that you wouldn’t be comfy.

 As expected of such an exceptional performing machine, it has quite a lengthy power cord, which ensures you get a choice of your working space. With the limitless working area, it is the best home espresso machine.

Removable water reservoir

Honestly, I am not a fan of cleaning kitchen tools. I think if I had a fixed tank of an espresso machine, I can’t imagine the troubles of getting to the inner parts. Either, no one can risk using dirty equipment.

That gives a reason why the reservoir tank of this tool is removable. It highly simplifies the troubles of cleaning. Oddly enough it fits in most kitchen sinks for an easier time

• Maintains the rich taste
• Quite easy to use
• It has a long cord
• A solid body for durability
• Its tank is removable for ease in cleaning
• It requires regular cleaning for proper functioning
• Takes slightly longer before it shuts off

08. Breville the barista express espresso machine (high budget)

08. Breville the barista express espresso machine (high budget)
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Addedly, if the cost is the least of your concerns, then you can go a step higher and get this item, which has dramatically enhanced components. Am I over-praising this item?

Honestly, I don’t think so. Why? Check on the details of its features to have your word.

How do you like coffee to be, big-size, or fine particles?

On the bright side, this machine will let you enjoy any type of grinding. It has an intuitive grind dial that helps to set the grinding size.

However, that is not all about this dial. A step farther, it’s quite simple to use. Consequently, you will get to enjoy your right-sized coffee without any trouble.

Controlled grinding

This machine ensures that you can get the amount of coffee that you need. The conical burr is integrated, hence helps in delivering the set amount of coffee directly to the port filter. Correspondingly, due to this method of delivery, it’s less messy for home use and restaurants.  

Temperature control

Nevertheless, with this machine, you can enjoy freshly ground coffee and your chosen temperature.

Do you think I am joking? Then I am not; it incorporates the digital temperature control. As a result, it delivers the ground coffee at the optimal temperature.

Micro-foam milk texturing

The coffee flavor means a lot to a coffee addict. But honestly, speaking, why would you purchase an espresso machine that wastes all the coffee taste?

Against all the odds, this recommendable item seeks to ensure you enjoy the most delicious coffee.

It has a steam wand performance, which allows the hand texturing of the micro-foam. Resultantly, it will enable the latter creation alongside enhancing the flavor.

Large capacity

Additionally, the hopper and the tank capacity is super huge. How does this help you?

Let’s take a situation where you are grinding coffee for a larger group of people.

Are you ready to keep repeating the grinding procedure?

Well, that is possible, but with a choice of grinding at a single or fewer rounds, then the better.

When it comes to restaurants, getting a more substantial capacity is not even debatable. With this espresso made with 1/2lb hopper and 67oz tank capacity, you can grind large amounts quickly.

Varied settings

The construction of this best espresso machine focuses on ensuring you got precisely the espresso that you need. Besides controlling the grind size, it has a single and double shots setting. To top it up, you can also control the grind amount.

• A larger tank and hopper capacity
• It delivers directly to the port filter
• Solid material for longevity
• You can set the grinding size
• Straightforward controls
• Consistency while grinding need to be improved
• For Beginners

Items in this category are for anyone who values simplified operations. Consequently, they all promise fast speed working with more intuitive controls. Still, they are recommendable to beginners due to their automatic operations.

07. Nespresso vertuo k-pod espresso and coffee machine

07. Nespresso vertuo k-pod espresso and coffee machine
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An espresso machine that has stringent controls risks accidents and is not even recommendable due to its time-wasting nature.

Worse, if it is for home use, it may limit the number of users. For that reason, an easy-to-operating machine such as the Nespresso espresso machine is highly recommendable.

Besides its smooth operations, its construction is meant to last for ages and deliver the most delicious espresso. Further, it has a large capacity with an easy to clean tank.

Centrifusion technology

The ability of an espresso machine to produce crema guarantees a delicious cappuccino or espresso.

For that reason, the manufacturer of this item uses centrifusion technology, which works by ensuring maximum extraction.

As a result, its lever has approximately 7000 rotations per minute to increase the coffee blending, which results in a crema. Subsequently, it can be trusted to be the best home espresso machine that delivers a delicious drink.

Large capacity

Nevertheless, the capacity of the espresso tool is very critical. Ideally, you should go for a more substantial capacity for time-saving reasons.

Luckily this machine has a large tank capacity of 54oz. No to say that the tank is removable for not only smooth filling but also cleaning purposes.

You are likely to argue the espresso machines of larger capacity are likely to be significant in size. Correspondingly it brings storage issues, especially at homes.

Well, that stands to be true in most cases; the Nespresso vertuo brings in a difference. It has a rectangular-like shape and a compact design to occupy less space.

Automatic shut off system

And this is the best part of this item. Just imagine, only emptying the espresso and leaving it to shut down.

What of starting the machine and moving to run other errands in the safety that it will just go off after the grinding is over.

It sounds dream-like, right?

But that is the truth. Also is an automatic shut off system that gets working after 9 minutes of inactivity. That is not only helpful when busy but also helps in energy saving.

Solid and elegant body

Durability is also a significant concern in espressos. Furthermore, who wants a tool that will waste faster than anticipated?

Unsurprisingly, this espresso maker’s body is of a high strength material that is resistant to corrosions. But even better, its surfaces are dirt-resistant, which makes cleaning easier.

More about its body is that it is also elegant. What do I mean? The body has a dark shiny surface, which makes it quite eye-pleasing. Thus, it is not only equipment but also an added decoration to your kitchen.

• Dishwasher safe
• Multi-purpose machine for espresso, cappuccino, and latter
• Compatible with most K-cup pods
• The buttons controls are straightforward
• Huge reservoirs
• A programmable turn off the system
• The reservoir is removable for ease when filling
• The tank design makes it hard to see the water level
• The handle is held in place with a pin which is likely to snap away

06. De’Longhi Magnifica super-automatic espresso

06. De'Longhi Magnifica super-automatic espresso
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When it comes to most stainless and fast operations, then the DeLonghi espresso machine might be the king of all. Just a minute and I will give the reasons.

However, to add is its longevity crafting and right size grinding. With that said, below is the features that promise this superior functionality.

A rotary button

Remember my words that this machine is easy to operate?

That is because of the rotary control button. It contains all the settings of the machine that makes it effortless to apply them.

Also, it is a cup height of 4.25 inches. Being the standard height of most kitchen cups, it is quite recommended to the homeowners.

Because of the compact design of this tool, it comes to a surprise to most people due to its enormous capacity. Surprisingly, its container has a capacity of 8.8 ounces. That would be perfect for home use. To top it off, it can ground up to 14 cups.

Easy-to-clean machine

Still, the manufacturer ensures that you require quite a short time to have the machine clean.

How do you go about that? Just use a plastic knife to remove the ground coffee from the funnel, then clean the infuser.

Remember that unlike other most espresso machines, you do not require any chemical.

Energy saver

Feedbacks from these item users find the energy saver quite helpful. It works by automatically shutting the system for up to 3 hours.

Or do you need a power-consuming item? Honestly, with that, you will be risking higher power expenses.

Thus get this item, which will ensure that you remain in your usual monthly budget.

• Consumes less power
• It has a compact design
• Grounds large amount of coffee at a go
• Quite simple to clean
• Not only for delicious espresso but also cappuccino
• Does not support dual voltage
• For coffee addicts

These items have a compact design to ensure you can have coffee at any time in any place.

Also, some of these items have manual operations to prevent the limitations that come due to the lack of power. They are recommendable for office use, camping, or when traveling.

05. Aeropress coffee and espresso maker

05. Aeropress coffee and espresso maker
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Are you a coffee addict?

Then you should get a highly reliable espresso machine that is not only fast but also transportable. The first item I would suggest to any coffee addict is the aero press coffee and espresso machine.

Let me start by highlighting that it is a 2-in-1 machine that can make not only a tasty espresso but also coffee.

Why is this machine recommendable to the coffee addicts? Here is why;

It is a quite faster machine that can produce 3 cups in a minute per press. But still, due to its lightweight and compact design, it easily fits in a carrying bag. Also, due to the lack of the French press, its drinks are free from acidity and bitterness.

Not yet satisfied? Then have a look at details of its functionality.

Total immersion strategy

To begin is this fantastic grinding strategy that promises not only smooth but flavored coffee.

But before I get there, have you ever tasted a bitter coffee? And probably you thought you had used poor quality coffee beans.

This is the secret that you need to know- the machine you used was the problem.

Now to what I said earlier, this machine has a patented like design which ensures a total immersion when brewing. Consequently, it conserves all the coffee flavors as well as produces fine ground coffee beans.

No acidity! No bitterness!

Besides, having a bitter coffee, a flimsy machine produces ground coffee with a high level of accident.

Needless to say, that is quite harmful for consumption.

How does this machine ensure that you are free from coffee, bitterness, and acidity?

Here is the catch. It does not use the French press, which prolongs sleep time, which is the leading cause of acidity and bitterness.

But even to improve on that, the microfilter is handy in removing all the grits faster.

3 cups per pressing

Nevertheless, this machine is for time-conscious people. Why? That is because, in a single minute, it can produce up to 3 cups per pressing.

Not withholding that this machine is not only for espresso but also for its other variation, such as cappuccino and latte.

• Credits to the compact design which makes it portable
• It has high-strength crafting for longevity
• The drinks are4 free from acidity
• A faster-working machine
• Not only an espresso maker but also a coffee maker
• It works poorly with oil of a higher density

04. Wacaco minipresso portable espresso machine

04. Wacaco minipresso portable espresso machine
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A manually operated espresso is quite handy, especially when camping or for office uses.

Also, most of them have simplified operations for time-sensitive areas such as an office.

One of the most outstanding portable manual espressos is from the Wacaco brand.

The portability and the manual operation distinguish it from other machines. As a result, you can carry it effortlessly and use it anywhere. Also, it is functioned to conserve the flavors and reduce acidity in the coffee.

Keep reading to get more details about this fantastic wacaco minipresso espresso machine.


How would you feel with the assurance that you can enjoy coffee when camping, traveling, or even at your office?

 Amazing, right? This machine has a small size and lightweight to increase its portability.

 It imitates the shape of a water bottle with a cup on the top. Consequently, it can even fit in your office bag.

Manual operation

When I said that you could use this machine anywhere, I wasn’t kidding. It is a manually operated tool which does not require either the batteries or electricity. Simply, even when camping in a forest or your car, you can enjoy your favorite drink.

Not to say it will cut the cost of paying for power or the batteries. Consequently, it’s the best home espresso machine that will help lessen power consumption.

Simple to operate

Do you need an espresso machine that you can easily use even at your office?

This product from the Wacaco brand has simplified operations alongside its small size to guarantee that.

 How do you operate it?

Simply add your coffee to the filter basket and then apply pressure on the grind. Later add the hot water and more pressure to get the perfect crema. Yes! Its operations are that simple.

Solid and elegant construction

Considering you are likely to consider this item for camping, it has to have solid material. That assures more longevity even amid any rough handling.

Further, it has a dark shiny appearance, which makes it very elegant. Thus, it wouldn’t be any embarrassment, especially when using it in your office.

• Manual operated hence no need for batteries or electricity
• Small-sized to carry in a bag
• An elegant appearance
• Very simple to operate
• It conserves the coffee flavors
• Infusive oil cannot be sued with this machine
• Not recommendable for large continuous espresso making

Best espresso machines by Brand

Do you need the best home espresso machine against all the odds?

This section is for you. It gives the most top-rated espresso makers, which have proven to be worth the money.

03. Breville inissia espresso machine

03. Breville inissia espresso machine
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This exceptionally crafted machine from the Breville brand would fit in any of the other categories.

Talk of its fast speed for coffee geeks, portability, and affordability. Despite its most exceptional functioning, it costs less than $200.

Let’s have a quick review of why this item wouldn’t disappoint.

It has a solid and elegant body for durability and also a pleasing appearance. Moreover, it has an energy-saving mode that shuts it after only 9 minutes of inactivity. That is not all; its port filter has an expert construction that ensures the sieving of the flavors from the coffee beans is done correctly.

What’s more on this best home espresso machine? Continue reading to find out.

Non-corrosive construction

The most significant risk to the espresso machines is usually corrosion. Hence, with a corrosive material construction, you are risking regrets.

As a precaution, the manufacturer of this espresso maker fitted a robust material. Its body and the tank is not only non-corrosive but also sturdier to withstand any possible rough handling. Therefore you can trust it for durability.

Automatic and fast

Automatic machines are convenient for they do most of the work for the user. That gives a reason why Breville couldn’t afford to play mediocre on this feature. It has an automatic shut off system.

Also, its water heats within 25 seconds, which eliminates the wait time. Consequently, it’s a significantly reliable machine due to this fast speed and the automatic system.

19 bars pressure

The pressure of an espresso machine determines the level of extraction, which, in result, determines how tasty the coffee will be.

Luckily the Breville espresso pressure is up to 19 bars. Thus it assures maximum extraction for a delicious espresso cappuccino or the latter.

Energy efficient

Nevertheless, when dealing with a power-driven machine, you are likely to consider a tool with negligible power consumption.

One of them is this espresso maker, which has a smart energy-saving mode, which is activated after 9 minutes of inactivity.

Consequently, it reduces power consumption when this machine is not being used.

• Compact size for effortless storage
• Releases fresh and most authentic coffee taste
• Very light
• An affordable machine
• High pressure for a premium extraction
• An energy-saving machine
• The cleaning process needs to be simplified
• The oil of a higher density reduces its functionality

02. Delonghi EC702 15-bar espresso maker

02. Delonghi EC702 15-bar espresso maker
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From the DeLonghi is an item that will not only meet your expectations but offer beyond functionalities.

It is constructed not only to promise longevity but also to deliver an exceptionally tasty coffee.

Its solid construction ensures longevity like no other. But what’s unique is the adjustable drip tray that makes it possible to use any size cup. Further, it has optimum pressure alongside continuous brewing.


The construction of this tool is meant to last longer despite all the difficulties due to the stainless steel material. Consequently, it is of high strength to withstand cracks. But more importantly, the surface is safe from corroding.

15-bar pressure

Nevertheless, this machine ensures your brewing is of a pro even for a beginner. Why? It has a high pressure to increase its extraction capabilities. But there is something more.

Optimal temperature

Besides the adjustable optimal pressure, the manufacturer incorporated something better to ensure time wastage is minimal. What am I talking about?

This machine is constructed to maintain an optimal temperature, which ensures you can brew one cup after the other. Consequently, reducing waiting time in between the cups. 

Removable tank

Additionally, this espresso maker says no to more guesses when filling water. How does it achieve that?

It has a removable water tank. Correspondingly, water filling is more comfortable and accurate.

Even better, this removable tank simplifies the cleaning procedure. To make it better, it easily fits in most kitchen sinks.

High capacity

Further, alongside the continuous brewing capability is a larger capacity to optimize its performance.

Subsequently, it is quite handy when brewing coffee for a mid-sized group of people. Its tank can hold up to 44oz of water.

• A continuously brewing machine
• Its pressure is not only at optimum but also adjustable
• The tank is removable for a more natural filling
• Its cleaning is quite simplified
• Sleek design to effortlessly fit in the kitchen
• The bottom tray is adjustable for larger cups
• Cannot brew espresso and froth milk simultaneously

01. Sowetech 3.5 bar espresso machine

01. Sowetech 3.5 bar espresso machine
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And our top pick is from the Swatch brand. Frankly, the manufacturer must have been sharp to give such crafting. Wait, am I overpraising this item I don’t think so. Why?

Most people wonder how it is a silent working coffee brewer, unlike the other machines. But more shocking is its compact design and yet the optimum pressure which delivers creamy espressos.

Do you need more details on its crafting? I got you.

Compact design

First, this machine is much recommendable for office or home use for this feature. It occupies quite a small space while in use. Also, it’s of a lighter weight to help when traveling.

Optimum pressure

Unlike most other espresso makers, this particular item pressure is not affected by continuous use.

What do I insinuate?

Besides maintaining considerable pressure for maximum extraction, it can be used for continuous brewing periods without affecting its extraction efficiency.

Is that not fantastic? You bet.

A cappuccino, latte and espresso maker

What makes it the best home espresso machine is its unbeatable versatility. Do you doubt me?

Here are my reasons; it comes with a milk frother, which makes it an excellent cappuccino and latte maker.

Thus at a home whose members got different tastes, this will be the perfect item to meet all their desires at a single cost.

Strain less operation and fast

Still, this machine will be convenient for time-sensitive places. That is due to its fast operations, which reduces time wastage. After powering it, it will take quite a short time to respond.

Further, its operations are the simplest that I have seen.

Consequently, for espresso beginners, it will be perfect. Also, because of this reduced operations, it’s an ideal gift for people with busy schedules.

• Compact size for portability
• Its operations are simplified
• Professional pressure for higher extraction
• Not only a solid body but also eye appealing
• Produces delicious espresso, cappuccino, and latte
• A mini-sized espresso maker, hence not suitable for large amounts brewing.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the best home espresso machine?

The best espresso machine should promise longevity alongside smooth operations. Also, if you are preparing the drink for a larger group of people, look for a larger capacity.

In this article, you can read the review of the 10 best espresso machines- 2020, which will maintain the flavors alongside durability and simpler functionalities.

Are homes espresso machines worth it

Are you skeptical of the need for an espresso machine? Check this out, how much do you spend purchasing coffee from the local café.

If you would take the calculations for the long run, they would likely outdo the expense of an espresso machine.

 Hence, it would be cheaper to have your own machine. But am I not a coffee addict? You say? Just a moment, I prove to you that you still need this machine.

Do you know the benefits of drinking espresso?

Among most of them is it strengthens the long-term memory and lowers the risks of a stroke. Alongside their affordability and these indispensable benefits, you should consider getting one.

Which is the best espresso machine for beginners?

Beginners are likely to be troubled by the operations of an espresso machine. Did you get scared? No need because there is a solution.

The critical thing is getting an espresso machine that has straightforward operations.

How are such tools crafted? First, they have intuitive buttons with details on their applications.

 Also, in some cases, the tanks are clear to help you view the amount of water.

Do you need the best home espresso machine that is easy to operate? Get to look at our product review section.

Can you make espresso without an espresso machine?

That question will be answered best by looking at the requirements of making an espresso. First is hot water, thinly ground coffee beans, and high pressure.

 Honestly, I don’t have an alternative to getting high forced pressure except for an espresso machine.

Hence, an espresso machine is a must. But hold on, if your concern is cost or operations, I got an alternative.

The good news is that a cheaper espresso at less than $100 is available. Also, for smoother operations, you can have got a pod or a mini-espresso that is easier to operate.

Even better, there are manual espressos that do not require batteries or electricity.

What should I look for when buying an espresso machine?

Frankly, factors to consider when looking for an espresso machine are many; you can have a look at the buyer’s guide section.

But let me brush off on the most critical factors. First is the capacity. For the best home espresso machine, a mini-size can do.

Also, for storage reasons, you should look for a compact design. Similarly, you wouldn’t risk a flimsy product. Hence remember to consider a high strength crafting.

Have you ever wondered about making espresso at home? Yes? Then check out out article on that.


Have you ever drunk a coffee that is bitter and acidic? Probably you blamed the chef or else your coffee beans.

But do you know it had nothing to do with that?

But even before we go that deeper, espresso is known to have health benefits such as lowering stroke risk and burning excess calories.

Most health practitioners argue that it is an indispensable tool.

Also, if you don’t know how to use an espresso machine, it got you covered. Lastly is a detailed buyer’s guide to help you get the right equipment.

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