Best Cutting Boards for Knives of 2023

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Cutting Boards are a simple tool that can make your life easier. There is no doubt that cutting boards are the kitchen must-have that is meant to give you a mess-free, scratch-free time in the kitchen. But, did you know that your cutting board is capable of damaging your knives?

Yes, you read that right. Cutting boards come in different shapes, sizes and can be made of different materials. Still, not all materials are suitable for the knives; some are way too hard for your knives to retain their sharpness, and therefore, this article is meant to give you a peek into the best cutting boards for knives.

What is the Best Cutting Board for Knives?

From our intensive research, we figured that one of the best cutting boards that not just serves as a block for chopping but also self-sanitizes and also takes care of your knife is the John Boos Block Chop-N-Slice Maple wood Cutting Board.

Best Cutting Board for Knives
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This cutting board is made from superior quality edge-grain maple wood, which is friendly to your knives’ edges, and it contains natural enzymes that are helpful for killing bacteria.

Different Types of Cutting Board Materials

Here is a quick question – If cutting boards are just meant to be a solid, flat block against which you get to cut your veggies, fruits, and meat, why can we not use any and every solid surface to do the same thing?

This is because, when you use a sharp knife against particular materials, like ceramics, they tend to leave scratches. Although wooden and plastic cutting boards are most common, you will also find cutting boards made from glass, marble, bamboo, etc. in the market.

Although there are so many options, you should know the benefits and downsides of some of the best cutting board materials to be able to make an informed and, therefore, better purchase choice.

Plastic Cutting Board-The Best Cutting Boards for Knives.

Plastic cutting boards are perhaps used by most people today because these simple boards are readily available almost everywhere. But, there is much more to know about using plastic boards.

It was formerly believed that one could easily clean and sanitize plastic cutting boards and avoid cross-contamination in the process. According to recent research, however, it turns out that this is not so true.

While plastic boards might actually be easier to clean, when we use knives on them, small cuts are created on the surface, which then accumulates bacteria from meats if not adequately cleaned. The only way to avoid further contamination is to scrub the plastic properly after use, and this task, too, is not challenging.

Although the board might be prone to discoloration over time, and nasty, stubborn stains might appear on the surface, the real problem is the material’s enmity with your knives. Plastic can damage the edges of your knives over long-term use.

If you are looking for a light, odor-resistant, and knife-friendly plastic cutting board, which also has a great grip over any kitchen counter, you can check the OXO Good Grips 2 Piece Cutting Board Set

This double-sided Polypropylene cutting board has entirely non-porous and odor resistant and is designed to prevent cross-contamination completely. You will find two different sized boards within the set. You will be able to use the larger board for larger tasks like meat carving, vegetable cutting, and the smaller one for smaller jobs.

The board’s construction helps resist scratches on the board surface, and the material will not damage your knives either. Furthermore, there are non-slip feet to keep the board in place so that you can work with ease.

                               Product Specifications

SizeUtility Board: 10.5” x 14.5”Prep Board: 10.5” x 7.125” 
Weight2.69 pounds
MaterialBPA Free Polypropylene

Things We Like Most

  • Extremely lightweight and easy to store
  • Easy to clean up
  • Rubber Feet to prevent slipping
  • Two different sizes to do different tasks at a time
  • The board does not hold any smell

Things We Don’t Like

  • The board might be a little loud
  • Might still slip a little on granite counters

Wooden Cutting Boards

Although people used wood as cutting blocks for ages, there remain some controversies regarding using them for this purpose. This is because wooden surfaces have pores, and these very pores absorb moisture and also bacteria.

This makes wooden boards harder to both clean and sanitize. You cannot expose the board to water for a long time. If you do it unconsciously, You have to scrub it clean and rinse with warm water. You also need to make sure to dry the board thoroughly after that. However, the emerging idea from recent studies is that when the bacteria are sucked inside, the humidity eventually kills them. If that’s good or bad – you decide. Moreover, they also require proper maintenance, or they might get damaged over time.

But, the real good news is that most wooden cutting boards, if not all, are generally easy on your knives. This comes down to the silica content on the wood, though.

Maple Boards

Closed grain hardwoods make fantastic cutting boards, hands down! Because hard or rock or sugar maple has smaller pores than other types of woods, they tend to resist moisture greatly and are also non-toxic.

Maple boards are also scratch-resistant and great for knives. However, the only problem, which is a small one, is that maple bears a much lighter shade of yellow, meaning that stains are more visible.

The John Boos R03 Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board is such a maple cutting board that offers everything a chef needs and more starting from ease of use and washing to being easy on the knives to look; it has it all, that too without having to worry about cross-contamination.

The John Boos Maple cutting board is made from the finest quality Northern Hard-Rock Maple Wood, which is known for its durability. The Board is 1.5 inches thick, and both sides of the board can be used.

There are integrated handgrips on both sides to make it easy to lift and wash. But wait, there’s more! These boards have naturally occurring enzymes that kill bacteria; therefore, if you are looking for an ultimate bacteria prevention cutting board, this is just it.

Product Specification

Size18” x 12”24” x 18”, and20” x 15”
Weight4, 12, 6.5 pounds
MaterialHard Rock Maple Wood
ColorCherry, Maple, Maple with Juice Groove, and Walnut

Things We Like Most

  • It is antimicrobial and kills bacteria on its own
  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Has a sturdy built
  • Can be washed easily
  • There are four different colors available.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Needs to be oiled and waxed regularly, or cracks might appear.

Bamboo Boards

Bamboo boards are an alternative to wooden boards, and also a more green one. They are hard, and therefore, serves their purpose of being a great cutting board just fine, but are they equally nice to your knives?

The answer is – not really. Since bamboo contains high silica, it can kill the edges of the sharpest knives real quick.

You can check the Greener Chef Wood Bamboo Cutting Board for a bamboo board that allows you to chop and fashionably serve food and is super environment friendly.

This premium quality cutting board from Greener chef is made from 100% clean Moso bamboo, which is naturally microbe-resistant. It comes in a set of 3 different sized boards that can be used from carving steaks and turkeys to chopping fruits and vegetables to serving dishes.

These boards are absolutely non-toxic, beautiful, and easy to clean and maintain. You can use both sides of the boards, and they are also knife-friendly.

                                        Product Specifications

SizeXL: 18” x 12.5″M: 14.5” x 11.5″S: 12” x 9″
Weight7.7 pounds
MaterialMoso Bamboo

Things We Like Most

  • Extremely lightweight and easy to carry
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Easy to clean and also dries fast
  • Is naturally bacteria resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Do not slide in the counter.
  • A small stench collects juices from meat and vegetables.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Although they are built to be knife friendly, bamboo itself can dull knives in a short time.

Walnut Boards

Just like maple boards, Walnut also makes great cutting boards. They, too, are a tight-grained hardwood and therefore are also durable. Besides, if you are looking for something aesthetically pleasing, walnut cutting boards are what you want to settle for. They have a posh dark chocolate color that adds to the aura of your home.

However, the problem is that walnut wood tends to be too hard, and that again can dull your knives.

One of the best walnut cutting boards in the market is the Virginia Boys Kitchens Large Walnut Wood Cutting Board that is the perfect combination of aesthetics, grip, and efficiency.

This board is made from porous, soft-grained walnut wood that not only gives it a rich chocolate color that goes well with your home décor but also is easy on your knives. There is a carved groove at the cutting board’s end to hold the juices to give you a mess-free kitchen experience.

The board is chemical-free and is preseasoned with natural coconut oil for a smoother cutting surface. If you are looking for a beautiful, reversible, and durable cutting board that would not warp, this is the perfect one for you.

                                                 Product Specifications

Size20” x 15″0.75 inches thick
Weight6 pounds
MaterialBlack Walnut
ColorDark Chocolate

Things We Like Most

  • Can be used as a platter to serve food
  • Is knife friendly
  • Can be easily cleaned
  • It is scratch-resistant

Things We Don’t Like

  • Needs to be seasoned frequently with oil
  • Needs to be cleaned carefully since its made with porous Wood

Glass Boards

Here is what – Glass boards are absolutely non-porous, making them easy to clean and avoid all the possible issues with sanitization as with plastic, wood, and even bamboo. However, there are several problems associated with glass boards,

First of all, they are too hard, and therefore, are not easy on your knives. Secondly, they are vulnerable to breaking and can cause unwanted accidents in the kitchen, and thirdly, chopping things in a glass board is definitely not a treat to your ears!

We recommend the Joseph Joseph Worktop Saver Glass Cutting Board if you want a great multi-purpose glass cutting board, which stain, scratch, and heat resistant.

This cutting board is made from toughened glass that is heat resistant up to 280 degrees Celsius. They can be used tor both chopping and for food, presentation as well as to protect tables and counters from scratches.

They are made to put off any kind of stain and smell and are extremely easy to wash. Yet more is the non-slip feet that keep it from sliding.

                                Product Specification

Size11.81” x 15.8”0.28 inches thick
Weight2.4 pounds
MaterialToughened glass
ColorClear, Black, and Silver

Things We Like Most

  • Works well to protect countertops.
  • Made from very hard glass.
  • Can hold hot pans straight from the stove.
  • Easy to clean.

Things We Don’t Like

  • The rubber feet might come off.

Plastic v/s Wood Boards | Best Cutting Boards for Knives

WeightPlastic boards are the lightest.Wooden Boards are much more massive than plastic ones and therefore are also challenging to move around.
Ease of cleansingPlastic boards are easily cleanable. In fact, they can be cleaned in the dishwasher too.Wooden boards are tougher to clean since they tend to absorb the water. So, you need to dry them carefully after washing.
MaintenancePlastic boards do not require much maintenance apart from washing after use.Wooden cutting boards have to be cared for.  You need to rub the board’s surface with food-grade mineral oil from time to time and after washing and drying to avoid cracking and/or warping.
Sanitization issuesPlastic boards are relatively easy to sanitize, if they do not have scratches and groves from cutting, that is.Due to their texture, wooden boards soak up the juices from meat, meaning that the bacteria can get right into the board through the pores, making it difficult to sanitize.
LooksPlastic boards can be colorful, but they often hold a bland look altogether.If you seek aesthetics, wooden boards are just that.
Impact on your KnivesPlastic boards dull your knives fasterAlthough some hardwoods like teak, beech, and Walnut may not be best for the knives, maple wood works just fine for this.
PricePlastic Boards are relatively cheaperWooden Boards are more costly than plastic ones.

Why do we always need the best cutting boards for knives?

While it is true that cutting boards are an important part of the kitchen, we are either unaware of or are just undermine the damage that cutting boards can do to our knives. They say that a knife’s value is in its sharpness, and what is the point of having an exceptionally good cutting board if it takes away the sharpness from your knife?

As you can tell already, certain types of cutting boards can dull your knives by affecting its edges. However, there are yet more reasons to consider the impact your chopping board is likely to have on your knife before buying it.

When the sharp edges of your knives are damaged before you have noticed it, it can literally lead to accidents since the motion of the knife gets beyond your control in such cases.


There are many things to consider before buying a best cutting boards for knives, and when we say ‘good,’ we mean something that matches your needs. If you are looking for just one cutting board for all your kitchen work, you can settle for plastic boards. They also tend to be more durable, so that is a long-term investment right there.

However, for a more appealing and, most importantly, knife-friendly cutting board, our vote goes to maple boards. 

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